EMSlim­PRO® is the latest Korean designed tech­no­logy and EMSlim­PRO® offers clin­ics the latest high qual­ity tech­no­logy at a reas­on­able cost to busi­ness owners.

EMSlim­PRO® is the 3rd gen­er­a­tion machine using non-invas­ive tech­no­logy using HI-EMT(High Intens­ity Elec­tro­mag­net­ic Train­er) energy to pro­mote the muscles to con­tract at their peak power and abil­ity. This high-intens­ity muscle workout leads to the remod­el­ing and enhance­ment of muscles, as well as effect­ive fat burning.

The innov­at­ive EMSlim­PRO® sys­tem is a non-invas­ive, pain-free pro­ced­ure that is able to tone and lift the but­tocks without the need for excess­ive exer­cise or invas­ive surgery.


Technical data

What is EMSlimPRO®?

EMSlim­PRO® — body shap­ing with mag­net­ic waves — is a unique meth­od to tight­en the but­tocks without sur­gery or to remove annoy­ing fat depos­its on the hips and abdo­men non-invas­ively. Dur­ing an EMSlim­PRO® treat­ment, around 16% muscle is built up and around 19% fat is lost in the same pro­cess. The treat­ment helps in the long term to a toned and fit body image. Our device works with an incred­ible power of 2x 3.5 Tesla (New­tons per ampere and per meter).

Is a treatment paifull?

Treat­ment with the EMSlim­PRO® device is not asso­ci­ated with pain. Muscle vibra­tions are cre­ated with two plates, which can be a little unusu­al in the first ses­sion. But you get used to it quickly and after a few minutes you even feel the move­ment as pleas­ant and calming.

When can results be seen?

For an effect­ive res­ult of EMSlim­PRO® treat­ment, four ses­sions at inter­vals of two to three days are usu­ally neces­sary — at least 48 hours must be in between. Just four to six weeks after the last ses­sion, you can look for­ward to the effect of the treat­ment, which will only increase over the next few weeks.

What are the benefits of this type of treatment?

In con­trast to sur­gic­al body lift­ing, EMSlim­PRO® is neither asso­ci­ated with down­times nor with anes­thesia risks . By using the innov­at­ive applic­at­or, no cuts are neces­sary, so there are no scars. The treat­ment does not require any spe­cif­ic pre­par­a­tion or follow-up. 

Emslim pro

Benefits of EMSlimPRO®:

Non-Surgical Muscle Sculpting

The EMSlim­PRO® high intens­ity pulsed elec­tro­mag­net­ic stim­u­la­tion offers a con­tinu­ous con­trac­tion. This con­trac­tion does not involve muscle relax­a­tion and the muscle works at its max­im­um capa­city. These extreme con­trac­tion con­di­tions require the muscle to adapt and devel­op mus­cu­lar mass over the treated area and burn fat in the background.

Results You Can See 

EMSlim­PRO® res­ults are sim­il­ar to the res­ults of months of time spent at the gym build­ing muscle and los­ing fat. Many people will notice res­ults with­in the 2 to 6 weeks fol­low­ing treat­ment and they will con­tin­ue to improve in the months fol­low­ing. A pos­it­ive life­style of prop­er food intake and exer­cise with help main­tain the effect.

EMSlimPRO VS Emsculpt

Ems­culpt is is a revolu­tion­ary body sculpt­ing tech­no­logy by BTL. EMSlim­PRO is a Korean brand muscle build­ing and body shap­ing procedure.
  • EMSlim­PROand Ems­culpt have the same tech­no­logy-The pulsed elec­tro Mag­net­ic wave. EMSlim­PRO has developed 7 types of waves to sat­is­fied dif­fer­ent areas of treat­ments. To avoid muscle-memory, we sug­gest cli­ents select dif­fer­ent modes for every treatment.
  • EMSlim­PRO has 2 treat­ment modes. Auto mode and manu­al mode. The 2 modes offer more options. Auto mode is easy for oper­a­tion and Manu­al mode is preciser.
  • The treat­ment is not only for fat. Unlike the pre­vi­ous technology(Cryolipolysis, cavit­a­tion, velashape, and lipo­sonix) EMSlim­PRO also con­struct your muscles. It is a tech­no­logy for weight loss as well as muscle building.

How do EMSlimPRO® works?

Muscle Building

The Intens­ive supra­max­im­al con­trac­tions stim­u­late the react of the muscles. The energy recon­structs intern­al struc­ture, caus­ing the regrowth of muscle cells, the cre­ation of pro­tein, and muscle fiber chains. This pro­ced­ure leads the res­ults in high­er dens­ity and muscle volume.

FAT Removal

The muscle-build­ing improve the epi­neph­rine release, which brings an obvi­ous effect that leads to supra­max­im­al lipoly­s­is in fat cells.

Circulation of lymphatic improvement

The elec­tro mag­net­ic waves stim­u­late the hemo­globin, increases blood flow, lymph­at­ic cir­cu­la­tion. The pro­ced­ure increases that dead fat cells are elim­in­ated naturally.

Intelligent operation interface, easy to handle!

The oper­a­tion is easy to handle. There are 2 oper­a­tion modes. Auto mode and Manu­al mode. By auto mode, cli­ents could start the treat­ment accord­ing to the sug­ges­ted para­met­ers. Manu­al mode will be used when cli­ents need a more pre­cise treatment.
7 work­ing auto-mode waves adjustable.
The machine offers 7 dif­fer­ent waves work­ing modes for dif­fer­ent treatments:
• Gal­van­ic Wave
• Square Wave
• Spike Wave
• Twin Spike Wave
• Step Wave
• Trapezoid Wave
• Tri­angle Wave
Sweden design work­ing handle.
The machine has 2 handles(Em Shape 1 and Em Shape 2) which can work at the same time. We offer a guar­an­tee of 3,000 hours for each handle.

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